Ways to Know How Many Rhinestones You Need for Your Costumes

Rhinestones come in different colours, sizes and shapes. With rhinestones’ different variations, it’s a perfect accessory to bring your dance costumes to a whole new level of class. If you are doing another project of accessorising your next dance costume using rhinestones, perhaps your biggest worry is how many rhinestones you will need for your outfit. Since rhinestones come in a wide range of sizes and shapes, it would be hard to determine the exact quantity. However, you can get a rough estimate of the number of rhinestones you must have with the help of our guide.  

Here are some of the easy ways to know how many rhinestones you need for your costumes: 

1. Consider Your Budget

The number one factor that will determine the number of rhinestones you need is, of course, your budget. Check how many rhinestones your budget can afford. Rhinestones’ costs vary depending on the supplier, so it’s essential to do your research and ask for a quotation before proceeding with your project. This way, you can avoid falling short on rhinestones, and you can plan out the design of your costume that can accommodate the number of rhinestones you only have. 

2. Use Another Costume to Serve as Your Guide

If you have existing costumes on your wardrobe with rhinestones in them, you can use that to give you an idea about the number of rhinestones you must purchase. You can count the rhinestones one by one, and if your current design is somehow similar to the size of your old costume design, you can work on that quantity first. 

3. Utilise Measuring Tools to Measure Lines of Stones

The easiest way to estimate the number of rhinestones you need is to use a simple per-inch formula. You can do this by measuring the length of trim or lines in inches and multiply that by the number of stones you will put per inch. To give you a close to an accurate estimate, you can mark your costumes with removable fabric markers or chalk and use the measuring tool to measure the gap of each rhinestone. It’s an ideal technique, especially for stoning on the necklines or trim pieces.

4. Practice Stoning on One Costume Sample

This method will allow you to accurately measure the number of rhinestones you will need with your particular design. If you’re nervous and still unsure how you will place your rhinestones, try laying your costume flat and place the stones without glue. This way, you can adjust the placement of your rhinestones and plan out the colour combination with your costume’s fabric. 


Putting rhinestones to your costumes can make you look more fabulous on the stage. If you want all eyes on you, add sparkle and shine using rhinestones on your outfit for a more glamorous costume. Knowing how many rhinestones you need is your starting point for your stoning activity. Hopefully, our guide can help you make your project more manageable so you can make the perfect costume for your next competition or performance. 

If you don’t have the time, patience or confidence to apply the rhinestones on your costumes, let Zahira Crystals do the job for you! We offer stoning services using Zahira rhinestones for dance costumes with keen and professional quality. Get in touch with us so we can apply rhinestones for you now! 

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