Ice Skating Costumes in Australia

Ice skating costumes are the center of competitions in Australia. These Australian competitions bring together hosts of ice skaters, and fans from Australia and beyond each new season. Coupled with a mix of fun, the zeal to dominate and a bit of madness, the competition can bring an exhilarating experience. It also brings a sense of oneness to fans and competitors.
Every ice skater wants to be outstanding in one way or another. One of the aspects that will enable you to achieve these is the sparkle from Rhinestones that makes your costume more attractive when you step on the ice to perform.


Synchronised Ice Skating Costumes

Veteran Ice Skaters understands the value of a good skating costume in any competition. Their modern sparkling costumes sway fans and judges to their sides. For your information, this isn’t a new trend!
In 1968, Peggy Henning had a special colour outfit in that season’s competition. The reason? Peggy’s mother knew that Grenoble, France monks loved the Chartreuse liquor. So she made Hening put on the costume since she believed the colour would make the fans flashback to the herbal alcohol they enjoyed, and cheer her daughter harder, and it worked!
Today, a lot has changed, and fans get swayed more by costumes with beautiful jewellery. Avid skaters wear synchronised ice skating costumes with a lot of jewellery designs on them. The sparkles on these costumes add elegance and stir up your fans adrenaline as you make those charming moves.
They also boost your movements sensation and blends overall with the music theme of your performance. Various peculiar designs pull attention to individual body parts. Depending on your preferences, you could center them on your neckline, and the skirt edgings, etc.
Either way, you could also align them on your sleeves or the pants to boost both your arms and leg extensions.

High-quality Ice Skating Costume Features

Do you look to buy a high-quality, beautiful skating costume for your competitions?

Or maybe you’re a parent shopping for outfits for your children as they prepare for the upcoming competitions? Before shopping, it’s vital that you choose an Ice Skating dress that doesn’t just match your tastes but also has cuts which flatter your figure, and flaunts your body skills.
To ensure that you only pick high-quality costumes, here are the features to look for;
1. The skirt style: There are a plethora of skirt styles you could choose for your dress. But you should note that these styles are primarily designed to suit particular purposes according to design. Slant skirts elongate your body to enhance flow, the bell skirts give you a ‘girly’ figure, and the layered dresses allow extra movement and blends with different colours.
2. The material: It’s important that you choose a material that’s not only fitting but also features a 4-way stretch material to allow maximum space for movement. 2-way stretch materials are mainly for dances, and while they may be a cheaper option, they tend to wear out quickly. A good material should also be lined.
3. Fit-in: When you’re shopping for Ice Skating costumes for kids, it’s critical that you don’t buy oversize attires, so they grow to fit in them. It should fit in like a swimsuit. It’s recommendable that it be snug but not very tight. It should also not ripple or wrinkle.
4. Neckline: Turtle neck and mock styles are some of the styles that turn off most skaters and fans. Choose a good neckline that blends well with different pearl design options.

Ice Skating Costumes Embellishment Options

Do you wonder how to decorate your skating costume to give it a sleek modern look? 

We got your back! The common decoration idea for skating costume is using rhinestones which are also known as diamantes, pearls or gems. When decorating your dress, there are three flatback rhinestone types you could choose from.
They include; Sew-on rhinestones, Hot-fix rhinestones, and Glue-on rhinestones.

How Are Pearls Applied On Ice Skating Costumes

1. Sew-on Rhinestones

Sew-on Flatback Rhinestones are bought when fully designed with unique holes underneath. During application, you pass the thread into the holes and sew them into your attire.

2. Hot-fix Rhinestones

Hot-fix rhinestones come with special glue on the attachment region. You will need to use an iron box at the least heat to activate the adhesive so they can attach themselves on the cloth.

3. Glue-on Rhinestones

These gems come with a brushed surface for applying the glue before attachment. You’ll need a high-quality glue like the gem-tac glue which you’ll apply on the attachment region, use tweezers to spread individual stones on the costume, and let it dry so you can use it.

Where To Buy High-Quality Diamantes In Australia?

Among the dominant players in the supply of high-quality flatback rhinestones in Australia, Zahira crystals stand out as an excellent option for acquiring your gems. They trade in high-quality flatback rhinestones for decorating ice skating costumes, wedding gowns and related dance costumes like Irish dance dressesballroom dance dresses, and ballet dance costumes, etc.
Zahira Crystals flatback rhinestones are available in a plethora of colours and shapes to suit all your design and decoration needs. The company flaunts 16 facets of high luminosity quality diamantes that rival leading brands and are sold at a sensible price.
Zahira Crystal’s consultants and designers do not only trade in the gems but also help you design, and style your costume with the sparkling stones.

Bottom Line
When shopping for pearls to decorate your costume, it’s always prudent that you buy from a reliable rhinestones and crystals supplier. A supplier that is not just interested in your money but interested in the value they will add to your costume, and your performance as a whole.
At Zahira Crystals, our driving force is to give out the real you, and make you shine! Our high-quality flatback rhinestones are priced at sensible prices that allow you to buy them in bulk at a wholesale price to meet all your decoration needs. Give us a call today for a free quote!


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