Consultations – Choose the right rhinestone

With many years of design and stoning experience, our team will help you choose the right Zahira crystals to complement and enhance your costume. Depending on the look you want to achieve, we can use crystals that will blend with fabrics to give a subtle shimmer or choose crystals such as those in our metallic range to make costumes ‘pop’.  

Zahira crystals will totally transform a costume from simple to spectacular! Whether it’s a soft lyrical, ritzy broadway jazz or romantic ballroom dancing dress, we will find the perfect crystal to suit the design of your costume.

Of course, Zahira crystals are not limited to dance costumes. They can be used on any clothing, accessories, shoes, bags and craft projects – the options are unlimited!

With over 72 colours to choose from, booking an appointment with our design team to explore the options can be a wise investment of your time. Our consultations are free. Call us on 0417 952 737 to chat with us today.

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