3 Things to Do Before a Dance Costume Design Consultation

A new dance season means new costume designs! It is one of the things that dancers look forward to. 

It is undoubtedly exciting consulting with dance costume design companies. It is also some dancers’ way of welcoming the new season itself. Typically, the consultation entails meeting no more than five people who will plan your costume design. This consultation aims at three things:

  • Solidifying the design ideas to the dance costume design team.
  • Determining design options according to your budget and performance goals.
  • Creating a timetable for completing the project right on time.

For you to get the most out of the meeting, you must come prepared. Here are three things you need to do before the consultation:

1. Know Your Decision Makers

Before the consultation, you should have the number of involved people determined and limited. You should only have a few decision-makers who are genuinely engaged in the process. The decision-maker should be responsible for the costume design, the music, the choreography and the selection of the team members.

This responsibility usually falls on the coach or the assistant coach. A maximum of three people should be enough. Too many people mean too many opinions, which only creates division during the consultation. 

One of the decision-makers should have a creative vision to contribute to the overall design, including style, colour, and aesthetics. The captain of your dance team should also have input, especially when it comes to the comfort of their outfit. 

2. Determine Your Budget

One of the essential factors in costume design is the budget. You should be upfront about the extent of your funds during the design consultation, so the designers can work around it and give the best solutions possible. 

Designing a look can take several hours, and designers would never want to create something you can’t afford. When you’re upfront about your budget, designers can solve problems faster, save time and avoid confusion for both you and the design team. 

If it’s still too early to determine your budget, just base it on your budget from the previous years. That should give you an idea of how to move forward with the designs while staying within a budget range. If your members are paying for their costumes, clarify with them the budget they’re comfortable paying for.

3. Create a Time Frame

Determine your timeframe beforehand so you know when the design should be done. Designing from scratch and using past designs as inspiration also entail different timeframes. 

If you want a unique look, you should give the design team about three to four months to work on it. You should also allocate enough time for possible adjustments if ever they are needed. However, if you are working on a tight timeframe, then you have limited options. 

Within fewer than ten weeks, the design team would need to use an existing pattern or modify a previous style that will work with you. Good designers generally develop something that can be easily customised while still achieving the design you want!


During the consultation meeting, never be afraid to give suggestions and ask questions! It’s best to work on it together to fast-track the process and ensure that you will be getting the results you want!

At Zahira Crystals, we supply rhinestones for dancewear in Perth, Western Australia. As both competitors and consumers of dance products for many years, we understand how vital a good costume is to dancers in the arena. Here, we can help you find the perfect rhinestone for your costume design! Book a consultation with us today, and let’s discuss!

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