How Zahira Rhinestones Add Elegance to Your Wedding Day

The perfect way to achieve a fairytale wedding is by donning a bridal dress, headpiece, shoes or accessories embellished with crystal rhinestones. Lovely crystals aren’t only for the rich and famous. You, too, can enjoy the shimmer and elegance of rhinestones on your special day.

You can elevate the refinement and poshness of your bridal wear with a simple addition of rhinestones–that is, if you want an extra sparkle on your wedding day. 

Why Use Zahira Crystal Rhinestones

Zahira offers a broad collection of crystal rhinestones, such as Sapphire, Aquamarine, Swiss Blue, Black Star and Emerald. All these are perfect for weddings. A rhinestone is multi-faceted, so it provides maximum light reflection. It’s available in different shapes, sizes and colours. 

These crystals also come in different finishes if you want a little something extra for your special day. Here’s how you can incorporate rhinestones into your bridal wear:

Your Bridal Gown

You can purchase crystal rhinestones that your seamstress can embellish onto your bridal gown. Depending on the style of your gown, you can add the rhinestones to your bodice or at the waistline. 

You can embellish crystals along the train of your gown or spread them around the skirt for a sprinkle of fairy dust effect. Either way, all fabrics, whether chiffon, lace, satin, tulle or taffeta,  will look gorgeous when added with crystals. 

Your Headpiece

Your headpiece will look stunning instantly when you embellish it with rhinestones. If you’re wearing a veil, a touch of sparkle to the tulle and netting will add wonder to your whole look. You may also add a Zahira bridal crown to complete the look.

You can also wear an elegant comb in your hair on your special day and see how a simple accessory becomes stunning with rhinestones. Your embellished comb is bound to be an heirloom piece cherished by the next generations.

Your Bridal Shoes

Wedding shoes have become the new classic fashion statement. Even the most practical brides get excited wearing a pair of ornate wedding shoes, guaranteed to make your entire wedding ensemble stunning.

Still, not everybody can pay the price of such shoes. An alternative is self-applying crystal rhinestones to add sparkle to your shoes without going over budget. The only investment you need is patience, a steady hand and a desire to make elegant and stunning shoes. 

Your Accessories

You can complement your gown, headpiece or shoes with accessories embellished with rhinestones. A belt or garter with these crystals adds a little sparkle without overdoing it. If you’d rather incorporate the crystals into your jewellery, you can create a do-it-yourself pair of chandelier earrings, a bracelet or a necklace featuring these rhinestones.


The secret to the perfect wedding day is adding a little shimmer and sparkle into your bridal attire. Of course, that includes marrying the person you love. 

Incorporating crystal rhinestones into your wedding gown, headpiece, shoes or accessories makes your special day filled with even more shimmer, beauty and love. After all, who doesn’t want to walk down the aisle with the allure of rhinestones?

Zahira Crystals is an Australian rhinestone supplier shipping across Australia and internationally. We are your go-to source of crystal rhinestones and bridal jewellery. We believe that beautiful crystals are made for beautiful brides. We also offer bridal tiaras embellished with gorgeous crystals, rhinestones and pearls. Get the perfect headpiece for your perfect wedding! 

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