What’s the Difference Between Hotfix and Non-Hotfix Crystals?

In a dancing competition, your dancing matters most—but relying on making the proper steps and moves alone aren’t enough to guarantee you victory. Remember that you won’t be the only one on stage, so even getting judges to see you will be challenging. How else are they supposed to judge your dancing if they don’t even notice you in the first place?

Although there’s nothing you can do about the fierce competition, you can further increase your chances of winning with the clothes you wear for the competition. Appearance plays a crucial role in getting noticed and being recognised for your abilities; every eye will be on you with the right costume!

Crystallising Your Costume With Crystals

Whether you’re a veteran dancer or are preparing for your first performance, creating a fantastic outfit is crucial to winning. The costume you and your partner choose to wear will play a vital role in the competition—from the colours to the cut of the outfit, every aspect of your costume matters.

When it comes to making a costume stand out, one can never go wrong with crystals! There’s nothing like a bag of gorgeous glittery crystals to zhuzh up your look. There’s nothing like a sparkly dress to draw attention! As long as you use the right kind of crystals, you and your partner can become a striking and attractive presence on the dance floor.

Hotfix or Non-Hotfix Crystals?

Dance costumes are far from cheap, and adding rhinestones to them make them even more costly. If the rhinestone aspect of your look isn’t something you can afford to have professionally done, you can stone your own dress yourself!

However, although adding rhinestones to your dancewear on your own is a cost-effective way of beautifying your costume, it poses a risk. One wrong decision can make or break your outfit! As such, you must take your time in choosing the perfect crystals.

With the abundance of rhinestones for dancewear available in the market, selecting the best crystals to enhance your clothing can be challenging, especially if you’re just starting out. But, not worry—with our guide below, you can ensure that your costume looks perfect while still saving time and money!

So, how are hotfix and non-hotfix flatback rhinestones different from each other?

Hotfix Crystals

Hotfix crystals are iron-on rhinestones—they have a heat-activated adhesive on the backside. To apply this type of rhinestones, you’ll need to use a hot object such as an iron or a hotfix applicator to stick them to your clothes.

Although hotfix crystals save a lot of time since they already have heat-activated adhesives, they can come loose quickly when the clothes are washed too roughly. The detergent has chemicals that strip the glue, or the crystals weren’t applied correctly.

Non-Hotfix Crystals

Unlike hotfix crystals, non-hotfix flatback rhinestones must be secured with glue for easy and clean attachment, such as a wax pencil or Crystal Katana. They’re much simpler to work with since heat isn’t involved, but you have to be particular with the glue you’re using to stick them to your dancewear.

When you use the wrong type of glue, the flatback rhinestones on your dress can become loose and fall off as you perform, which is never a good look!


Now that you know the difference between hotfix and non-hotfix crystals, you’ll be able to choose the right one for your costume! No matter what kind of rhinestone you go for, always make sure to use the right tools, wash your outfit the right way, and attach the rhinestones properly so that you can perform with confidence on the dance floor!

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