Stoning Service

Whilst many of our customers are keen to stone costumes themselves, there are many who do not have the time, patience or confidence to apply the rhinestones. We understand this and using only quality Zahira crystals offer a stoning service to take the stress away. Let us do it for you! 

Using Zahria crystals can totally transform a costume or outfit from something simple to something special. The time required to stone a costume will depend on the number of crystals used and how detailed the pattern is. As a guide, it will typically take us 2 – 4 hours to mark out and stone a leotard. A more detailed, heavily embellished Ballroom Dance dress however will take approximately 10 hours.

Stoning services using Zahira crystals is $25 per/hr and we will provide you with a firm, obligation-free quote to stone your costume so you know exactly what it will cost upfront. This is a quick and trouble free way to get your costume stoned quickly and professionally. Call us today on 0417 952 737 or send us a message to arrange your consultation to get things started!

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