How to Prepare for Your First Dance Competition

Taking part in a ballroom dance contest is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your abilities, improve your dancing technique, and gain confidence. If you believe you are ready to compete in a ballroom dancing competition, this article will assist you in going through everything you will need to do to be successful.

Competition in ballroom dancing is partner dancing tournaments. Team matches are typically one-day affairs, while DanceSport tournaments may stretch for a whole weekend in certain instances. 

Professional and amateur dance contests are two divisions and the types of dance competitions that have already been discussed. The division of the contestants into two groups ensures that the competition is fair and motivates amateurs to continue their training. Even though both categories feature similar dancers in later years, what distinguishes the “professional” is their approach to dancing and attitude. 

Getting Ready For the Competition

Your first dance competition will almost certainly be an amateur event. To be eligible to participate in a ballroom dancing competition, you must first guarantee that you register on time. Training may be done in advance, giving you plenty of time to choose a dance partner and prepare before the big event.

Here are some of the most critical stages in the preparation process.

Dance with a Partner That Compliments You

As with any social activity, ballroom dancing is all about the social element, which means you need a partner who will balance you out, challenge you, and push you to be your best. It is impossible to win a ballroom dancing competition alone! 

Take Dance Lessons

It’s time to get your groove on with your dancing partner after you’ve found one. Dance lessons are an excellent method to master complex skills from experienced instructors. Even though you may look for dancing lessons on the internet, there is no substitute for learning to dance in person. In addition, courses will push you to be more accountable for your actions. 

Practice Always 

Following the creation of your routine, you should attempt to put it into practice as much as feasible. Take video recordings of yourself if necessary to identify errors and mismatched steps. Once you’ve gained some confidence in your movements, you may begin rehearsing your routine to the music that will be played at the competition. You’ll never miss a beat if you do it this way.

Dress Up as a Dancer

After all that effort, you finally get to enjoy yourself! That is if you want to dress up. Ballroom dancing contests are well-known for their colourful costumes and strong fashion statements. Don’t be afraid to dress up for your first competition—makeup, hair, a dress, and shoes are all things that will help you climb the leaderboards faster. Check out this checklist for additional information on the many kinds of gowns and shoes to wear.

Improve Your Mental Skills

In the same way that you exercise your muscles, you should also be training the muscles in your brain to function correctly. Don’t wait until the last minute to start putting yourself in the proper frame of mind; you should be psyching yourself up months in advance of the event. No matter how good your abilities are, getting caught up in your thoughts is one of the most common ways to lose. You may find it helpful to listen to other dancers discuss how they overcame obstacles. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re having difficulty loosening up and being around other skilled dancers, taking a group dance class may help you overcome your fear of being around other great dancers. These courses create a sense of community that helps you feel more at ease, and the teachers will assist you through identifying your shortcomings. 

Once you’ve got the moves down pat, don’t forget to make a stunning entrance with your outfit! In ballroom dancing contests, it’s the little things that may make or break your chances of winning. 

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