Step-by-Step Guide to Sew Rhinestones to Your Clothing

It’s time to scratch that simple look! Gone are the days when you had to find many accessories just to level up your fashion. You can now do it on your own using different rhinestones. If this is all new to you, we will help you design your own fashion statement using rhinestones. Rhinestones will be the main focus of this look, so you better find the perfect one that can match your style at Zahira Crystals!

If you are ready to style up your clothing and do it yourself, here’s our comprehensive step-by-step guide that you can follow. 

Step 1: Gather All Your Materials for Sewing

Before you start your project, you need to ensure that you have prepared all your materials, and all should be within your reach. Gather and organise everything you need in one place so it will be easier for you to look for them. This way, you are not only making your life easy, but you can also lessen your working time because you don’t need to waste your time looking for the things you need. 

When sewing rhinestones to your clothes, it is also essential to look for the right fabric that can carry the weight of your rhinestones. Otherwise, your clothing will only look distorted, which doesn’t look appealing. You must also ensure that your rhinestones are suitable for sewing because some rhinestones don’t have a hole on them. Some need an adhesive in order for them to stick to your clothes.

Step 2: Sketch Your Design

Just like any project, you need a solid plan so you can execute it properly. Part of your plan is to draw the design that you are envisioning. 

You may feel overwhelmed by the beauty of rhinestones. In the end, you may put everything everywhere, leading to a scattered look and visually unappealing design. 

With rhinestones, you need to know where you are going to put them to save time and prevent mistakes later. If you have sketched out a design, you don’t have to guess and think while you are doing your project. Your hands will already do the work quickly because there’s a guide to follow. 

Step 3: Translate Your Drawing to Your Actual Clothes

After you have planned out everything through drawing, it’s essential to follow the pattern to prevent yourself from making mistakes during the process. You can easily do this by creating marks, patterns or dots in your actual clothes using fabric chalk or disappearing fabric markers. When you trace the design to your clothes before sewing, it can help you finish the project quickly. You do not have to look back and forth at your drawing just to copy and translate your pencil design to the actual fabric.

Step 4: Position and Set Your Rhinestones

Once you have transferred the pattern to your clothes, it’s time to position your rhinestones onto the prints. After placing them individually, you can start securing them after each placement by pushing the threaded needle through the back of the fabric, up through one of the holes in the rhinestones. Pull the needle all the way through until the thread is pulled tight. Repeat this process twice or thrice just to make sure that the stones will not become loose from your clothes even if you create big movements.

Step 5: Secure Everything in Place

After you have stitched all your rhinestones, you can now secure it by making a tight knot on the last stitch and cutting it after. You can also do it the other way around; you can cut the thread first and then secure it with a knot after cutting. 


Hopefully, these steps can help you create fabulous rhinestone-adorned clothing, even if this is your first time. See, it’s not that complicated to make! You just need to have the right guide, fabrics and rhinestones to nail your first DIY project.

If you are not confident, you can join Zahira Crystals’ stoning workshop to enhance your skills. We can help you apply crystals and rhinestones like a professional. Get in touch with us today to learn more! 

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