A Guide to Adorning Your Dance Costume with Rhinestones

People who take dancing seriously and do it for a living undergo months of training, join numerous competitions, and initiate multiple outfit changes. Besides their smooth moves and perfectly timed choreography, the costumes also play a huge role in their performance.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your dance outfit, you could think about adding rhinestones to it to make you stand out from the rest and leave the crowd in awe. They can make you sparkle like no other design could and can truly enhance the look of your costume.

Before you begin embellishing your dance outfit with rhinestones, you have to decide what type of rhinestone you prefer and how you wish to attach them accordingly. Keep reading below to find out how to add more flair to your dance attire through the help of rhinestones.

What You Will Need


Rhinestones come in various types. When choosing the best ways to adorn your attire, you must decide what shape you want before proceeding. You can purchase rhinestones in single, dozen, ½ gross, or gross. If you buy rhinestones in bulk, you can expect to pay a more affordable price.


For those who prefer sew-on rhinestones, you must prepare a needle, specifically a beading needle because it’s different from a regular one since they’re thinner and more flexible. Also, its eye carries the same width as the entire needle, so it won’t give you difficulty handling the fabric.


Besides needles, you will also require some thread to attach the rhinestones for dance costumes. You can select among silk, nylon, fire line, or silamide thread, all of them providing good-quality results that will keep your rhinestones firmly attached in place.


On the other hand, if you prefer gluing the rhinestones onto your costume over sewing them on, you are free to do what you want. With this chosen method, you can guarantee the stones will stick to the fabric without worrying if they will come off.


If it’s your first time adorning your dance outfit with rhinestones, it’s best to get a pre-cut pattern that you only have to follow to achieve the look you want. But if you’re going to get creative and confident about it, you could make your own pattern instead.

Ways to Fasten the Rhinestones into the Dress

You Could Sew Them

If you’re planning to sew your rhinestones onto your fabric, you will have to grab your needle and thread. Take note that it’s more time-consuming to do it compared to other ways. However, it proves how authentic your costume is once it’s complete.

However, your dress must have a backing or else the stitches and knots you make from sewing the rhinestones on could hurt your skin. With a backing in place, your skin will not experience irritation and scratching.

You Could Glue Them

Another durable option to fastening rhinestones onto your dance costume is to glue them to the clothes, which is just as effective as sewn-on rhinestones. The process is also faster and more efficient than sewing each piece of rhinestone at a time.

For dancers who focus more on their choreography and don’t have any time to spare, gluing rhinestones is their preferred option because it’s easy, convenient, and gets the job done on time. All you have to do is apply glue on the back of each rhinestone, press it down to the fabric, and it will dry on its own.

You Could Hotfix Them

Hotfixing rhinestones also requires you to use glue, but this time heat is involved. It’s quicker because you can attach numerous rhinestones in one go. You don’t have to worry about making too much mess because the glue will dry up faster, preventing the glue from leaking out.

However, be careful not to hotfix rhinestones onto specific fabric, including sheer fabric, vinyl, leather, plastic, and pleather because they are sensitive to heat and could be destroyed. Hotfixing rhinestones requires proper application, correct heat, and the proper duration. 


After setting up all the materials you need to design your dance outfit, it’s time to decide if you want to sew on the stones, glue them, or hotfix them to your fabric. Whatever method you pick, make sure that the rhinestones you have come from a reputable rhinestone supplier so that you can rest assured your dress will come out everything you expect it to in time for your competition.

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