Tips to Select Your Dance Costume for Australian Ballroom

Australian dancers revere in ballrooms and the rhythmic movement that everyone seems to practice and exude. On those occasions, dancing makes up about half the fun. The other half is for dressing up and choosing the right dance outfit that you’d want to wear for the rest of the night.

It can be stressful for several people to have to choose a costume, though. You’d want to get your money’s worth and look good after all. Here’s a guide on how to select your dance costume so that you can look fabulous on the dance floor.

Look For Inspiration

Before you contemplate on what clothes you’ll end up in for ballroom dancing, try to look at others’ pictures in the past. Some people may have had a lot of success and became the bell of the ball with their costumes, while others made some more questionable mistakes.

Take notes when scrolling through the pictures of what you’d like and what you’d eliminate from your own. For example, some dresses may seem too plain in appearance, or the fabric doesn’t seem flattering at all. Keep this in mind during the whole costume selection process.

See What Suits You

Every dancer has a different body type and skin colour. Some have accentuated hips, while others have a lot more chest. Certain colours might wash you out. Not every dress is going to look the same for everybody, and that’s the way that it should be.

Try to assess what certain costume styles and hues would best accentuate your body shape and skin shade. You’ll be moving all night as well, so be sure to pick out something that you’d be comfortable in for a good couple of hours.

Prioritise Budget

If you’re a regular dancer, maybe you’d wear the costume several times. This means that you can splurge a little on the dress for future purposes too. However, if it’s only for a one-time thing, you could probably get away with something less quality and durable.

You don’t have to let a dress break the bank for you, though. It’s important to be resourceful so that you can stay within your budget. Plus, there are plenty of other ways to jazz up your dance costume that are more or less affordable.

Add Some Crystals

Stoned dance costumes have been quite the showstopper when it comes to any dance floor, and the Australian ballroom is no exception. There’s something about the lights that hit the rhinestones just right, helping you stand out from the crowd while you step and sway to music.

Adding some crystals is an easy way of elevating your dress, and you don’t even need to stress over it. Stoning services like Zahira Crystals can confidently provide an obligation-free quote and schedule to stone your costume, removing the hassle while making your outfit better.

Prepare Accessories

Lastly, you’ll want to accessorise alongside your dance costume to make everything seem cohesive. Whether it’s a headpiece that you want to don on or any particular bracelets that you think would look good, try it out and see how it looks. Just remember to make everything seamlessly work together rather than have each element clash.


It can be extremely exciting to have such flashy outfits and dance the night away to enjoy yourself and your overall look. And, using these tips, you should be just about ready for ballroom dancing.

Looking for rhinestones for dance costumes? Zahira crystals is an Australian rhinestone supplier and stoning service for dance costumes. We also offer international shipping. Get in touch with us today!

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