3 Effective Ways to Clean and Maintain Dance Costumes

Dancers can take your breath away with their beautiful movements and the way they exude grace. But aside from talent and skill, their costumes also add to their overall aesthetic. Dancer costumes will stun you with glitz and glamour—but to reach that excellent quality, designers work hard on designing each piece.

If you are a dancer, a costume designer, or a stage manager, here are the most important things you should do to ensure that you keep costumes well-maintained for every performance.

1. Wash Your Costumes Properly

After a dance rehearsal, routine, or performance, there’s one common theme—a dancer will be tired and sweaty. No dancer will remain unscathed from stains and odours coming from sweat, makeup, body creams, and perfumes.

How do you get rid of all of the residues while retaining the quality of your costume? First, don’t dare throw it into your washing machine. It’s best to hand wash everything with cold water and mild detergent. You can also try using baby wipes to attempt to remove the stains. It is best to avoid warm water, as the high temperature might cause fabric colours to change and warp.

If you notice sweat marks on the costumes, you can try a DIY formula to lift the odour away from the fabric. Mix one part vodka to three parts water, then put the solution in a spray bottle and target the sweat marks. Additionally, you might also benefit from using a fabric refresher spray when you are on the go.

2. Follow Proper Rhinestone Care

For many dancers, costumes are enhanced with rhinestones for an extra layer of sparkle and shine, especially when they are under the stage lights. While Zahira rhinestones are made to last, you’ll get the best use out of them by following the recommended application and care guidelines. 

Proper care begins with proper application. Flatback rhinestones and pearls can be applied using Gem Tac glue or Helmar Gemstone Glue. Sew-on rhinestones should be installed using a high-quality thread. It’s best to purchase a bit more than you need to keep on as spares.

When costumes need to be washed, handle them with care. Rhinestone-bedazzled costumes should be hand washed with a mild detergent—no machine wash or dry cleaning. Following these guidelines will ensure your costume stays beautiful for many more performances!

3. Find the Best Storage Area for Your Costumes

After the performance is over, you should know the proper way to store your costume. Ultimately, retaining the quality of your dance costume will depend mainly on how careful you are with storage.

Before you put the costumes back into your cabinet or dresser, you should take a close look at the state of the fabric. For instance, steam or iron the fabric to get rid of wrinkles and smooth everything out before storage. Also, if you used glue for the crystal rhinestones, make sure that everything is dry before setting it aside.

If you can, it’s best to put the clothes inside a clean garment bag as an extra layer of protection. Additionally, consider the temperature in the closet and keep it dry to prevent mould from creeping in.

Final Thoughts

Dancing is so much more fun when your dance costumes are in their best state. After all, beautiful clothes have the power to boost your confidence and self-esteem. These three simple tips can help you keep your dance costumes clean and well-maintained.

If you are in need of rhinestones for dancewear for your costume repairs, check out Zahira Crystals. Zahira Crystals is an Australian rhinestone supplier providing high-quality stones for dancers in the country and all over the world. Take a peek at our stunning collection of rhinestones today!

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  1. Thank you! I’ve just started bellydancing and have a bunch of secondhand costumes. I need to wash tan and perfume out of most of them, and was really worried about the embellishments and specialty fabrics. This has eased my mind!

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