5 Rhinestone Patterns to Make Your Dance Costume Spectacular

The art of dance is heavily reliant on aesthetics. Not only do you have to make sure you execute every move and strut with perfection, but you’ll also have to wear a dance costume that highlights your movements accordingly. The great news is that dancers commonly use rhinestones for their costumes, as they’re a great way to add shimmer to each pivot and spin you make.

Rhinestones can easily dress up even the plainest of fabrics, turning them into an extravagant piece that will surely draw all eyes in the room to you. Here are five rhinestone patterns you can try to make your dance costume extra spectacular:

1. A Scattered Pattern

An easy way to add more glamour and life to your costume is to spread out rhinestones on your outfit, which will be sure to add more light to your performance while you’re on stage. All you have to do is space out the rhinestones, ensuring equal distance between them while achieving an artfully scattered look. You can add this to the band of your skirt or trousers or your top. If you’re going for a more subtle and elegant look, you can scatter rhinestones on only one area of your costume, such as one sleeve of your top.

2. A Lace Pattern

Another way to use rhinestones is to put them on lace, emphasising the print even more. It adds sparkle to your costume, infuses the lace design with another dimension, and creates an extra visual focal point to your dance routine. 

Put the rhinestone at the centre of the flower, helping you define the print and be more visible on stage when the lights hit you. If your lace doesn’t have floral patterns, you can put them in the centre of each section instead.

3. A Flowered Pattern

You can use rhinestones to create a flower pattern, adding texture and more visual interest to your costume. It can also instantly transform something that was previously simple into a stunning, gorgeous outfit. It is also handy for drawing attention to a specific area.

To create a flower pattern, all you need to do is choose a rhinestone to function as the flower’s stigma and surround it with petal-shaped rhinestones. Repeat the pattern to cover the desired space, and you’ll have a unique costume that will draw more attention to your performance.

4. A Fade Pattern

A fade pattern is great since you can use different colours of rhinestones to manipulate the colour of the fabric underneath, making it look deeper and richer or more relaxed and refined. You can change the appearance of a section of your costume by adding various colours of rhinestones to it, which will surely make you stand out.

5. A Geometric Pattern

Lastly, you can use rhinestones to create different geometric patterns in your dance costume. You can arrange them to resemble a diamond, create stripes in vertical lines, dots and dashes, or even imitate shapes like hearts and circles. Using these patterns in small areas like waistbands and straps will emphasise these subtle areas, adding more depth to your costume.


Dance costumes usually don’t look complete without rhinestones. Fortunately, using a mix of these patterns will make you shine as you perform your dance routine. Not only will you impress the audience with your moves, but with your shimmering dancewear, too!

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