Bugle Bead Dropper Trims

Zahira Crystals now stock Bugle Bead Dropper Trims!

The Bugle Beads are sold in 25cm lengths giving approximately 50 drops per length. Our bugle bead drop trims are 15cm long and made from quality crystal glass on strong thread. As a result, you can have confidence when performing on stage or the dance floor. Astute designers and dancers use bugle beads to bring that something extra to their costume or outfit.

Because our Bugle Bead Dropper Trims are attached to ribbon trim, you have the choice of using them as a bugle fringe or cut them and sew individually to where you need them on your costume or outfit. Bugle Bead drops are in a very convenient length of 15cm. This allows you more choice for your design compared to other brands in the market. You can keep the drop length as is or simply snip, remove the unwanted beads and sew directly onto the fabric at your desired length.

The Bugle Beads are available in 10 different colours and stocked right here in Perth at Zahira Crystals. We can dispatch to you in 24 hours via Australia Post Express. No minimum purchase required! At a very affordable price, it’s definitely worth a try on your next costume! Visit our page: https://zahiracrystals.com.au/product-category/bugle-bead-dropper-bunch/

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