DIY Rhinestoning Costumes: How to Use The Flat Back Method

What is one thing that most dance costumes have in common? They all have rhinestones! Well, at least the good ones do. Decorative stones can make or break the overall look and appeal of dance costumes and make a performance leave a more stunning impact on the audience. 

Although adding rhinestones may seem like a labour-intensive embellishment, they can significantly alter the way a costume looks! There are seemingly endless designs that can be done using rhinestones and sequins. You may opt to have professionals add these stones to the costumes, but it is not altogether impossible to do it yourself! This blog post will focus on costume designs using flat back rhinestones and how you can apply them to the costumes yourself.

DIY Rhinestoning Costumes: How to Use The Flat Back Method

The flat back method is one of the easier ways to apply rhinestones to a costume. Continue reading to find a guide to the materials you need and the steps to doing this method successfully.

Materials You Will Need

  1. Flat back rhinestones
  2. Strong glue
  3. Glue applicator squeeze bottle
  4. Fabric marker or chalk pencil
  5. Tape Measure
  6. Scrap paper
  7. Flat surface

The Flat Back Method

This is a fairly straightforward way to add rhinestones to brighten up your costume’s design. Following these steps will help you make it easy to add stones to your costume.

1 – Stretch the Costume Flat

The first step is to lay your costume out flat to give you access to all the parts of the costume where the rhinestones will be placed. Make sure that the costume is flat with a piece of scrap paper in between the two sides of the garment to ensure that the glue will dry well and not have the costume stick together on itself. 

2 – Layout the Design

Use your fabric marker or chalk to draw the strategic places where your rhinestones will be placed. You may use your tape measure if you want to be precise with the spacing of your stones. 

3 – Apply the Glue

When you will be happy with the design layout, you may start applying the glue to the costume. You have to be fairly quick with this step and use your glue applicator carefully so as not to get any glue in places where there shouldn’t be any. 

4 – Place the Stones

Make sure to place the stones in their proper places on the costume before the glue dries. After the glue will dry, you will have a costume that is ready to use for your dance performance or skating competition! If you are afraid that the stones may fall out during the performance, you may opt to sew them into place. 


There is no other feeling like being able to finish a costume and seeing it come out as you planned! If you are part of a team, you may offer to be the one to volunteer to do the rest of your team’s costumes to keep things uniform. The key is buying high-quality rhinestones from a reliable source to ensure that the effect you want will be achieved. 

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