Amethyst Zahira Teardrop (8 pcs)


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Zahira premium quality sew on stones are made from high luminosity crystal glass which will make your costume sparkle. These feature stones provide a real ‘wow’ factor to garments and because they are much larger than regular rhinestones, there is greater surface area off which light can bounce. Whilst this is important, the cut of the stone is important also. Zahira feature sew-on stones are superbly cut and have a brushed metallic backing allowing maximum shine and luminosity. Whilst feature sew-on stones can easily be glued to garments with a high quality rhinestone glue such as Gem-Tac, we recommend sewing them onto your garment to make them extra secure. Our sewing stones have two holes for sewing and do not contain claws. A perfect embellishment for your costume. Click here to see the full range of Zahira Sew on Rhinestones.



8 pcs


Teardrop 11 x 18


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