Rhinestone Diamond Trim Flamingo 1 Metre


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Zahira heat-fix trimmings are a quick, no-fuss way to immediately add sparkle to your clothing and costumes. The trimmings are pre-glued and fix to fabric using a household iron on a non-steam setting. Simply place the trimming on your garment and cover with a piece of cloth. Apply the non-steam iron on top of the fabric for 5 – 10 seconds checking at 5 second interval to test if the trimming has adhered. Do this by carefully lifting the covering fabric to see if the trimming has adhered. If not, continue the procedure in 5 minute intervals until stuck. Allow to cool for a few minutes then your garment is complete! If you are not comfortable using an iron on the fabric, the trimmings can be glued or sewn onto the garment.

Zahira trimmings are used for a wide range of applications including straps, belts, skirt hems, bodice detail, shoes, hair pieces and bags – just to name a few. So versatile and easy to apply. Sold in 1m lengths.



1 metre

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