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Zahira premium quality flatback rhinestones are precision machine cut with 16 facets. This provides a high light refraction index and luminosity, designed to make your garment sparkle. These rhinestones are non-hotfix and require a good quality gemstone glue to fix to garments. Zahira crystals are available in hot-fix also – just email or call us to order. With over 60 colours to choose from in a variety of standard, metallic and AB colours, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for!

If you are looking for a high-quality rhinestone that is more affordable than other leading brands but still provides the correct cut and shine, Zahira Crystals is your trusted rhinestone supplier in Australia and Worldwide. Zahira crystals provide competitive prices and also cater to for wholesale buyers. Before purchasing your stones, it’s wise that you know how many rhinestones you need and how many are in a gross. This will help you budget well for your stones, so you don’t get disadvantaged when decorating your garments.

Zahira Crystals provides 144 flat back rhinestones in a gross. The flat back rhinestones sold in gross are available in these packets:
1Gross = 144 Stones
2Gross = 288 Stones
5Gross = 720 Stones
10Gross = 1440 Stones

It’s also important to mark the ‘SS’ stone size numbers that will give you a striking look in your choreographic attires. Zahira Crystals provides SS12, SS16, SS20, SS30, SS40, and SS50 stone sizes. The diameters for stone sizes available at Zahira Crystals are; SS12-3.00 to 3.20mm, SS16- 3.18mm to 4.00mm, SS20- 4.60mm to 4.80mm, SS30- 6.30mm to 6.50mm, also available are SS40 which averages 8.41mm to 8.67mm.


1 gross, 10 gross, 2 gross, 5 gross


SS12, SS16, SS20, SS30, SS6, SS8

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