Gem-Tac Adhesive Bundle 5ml


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Bundle consists of 1 x 5ml tube of Gem-Tac glue and 1 x 1 Gross SS20 Zahira Crystals rhinestones packet in your colour choice. Please note your colour choice in the customer notes when ordering.

Gem-Tac Permanent Glue is the premium and recommended adhesive for Zahira Crystals. Made in the USA, Gem-Tac is a Non-Toxic, water based adhesive that dries clear and will not cloud your crystals. It is also fully washable and will stretch with your garment so is perfect for all performance wear. When used with Zahira Crystals, Gem Tac will provide you with the perfect finish to your garment. Gem-Tac by Beacon Adhesives recommend first testing the glue on your fabric and ensuring all surfaces are clean. Either apply directly to the back of the rhinestone or apply a small amount via the precision glue tip directly to the fabric and gently place the rhinestone on top using a pick up tool, such as the Pick Me Up or Marvey Jewel Picker (available for sale on our website) or tweezers. Gem-Tac will adhere your crystals within 30 seconds, dry in approximately 1 hour and cure within 24 hours.



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