At Zahira Crystals, we make sure our male clients are well looked after also, providing you with a range of products to make sure you too can look your absolute best. Our range includes cufflinks, stud sets, collar studs, tie pins, bow ties and ties, all designed to bedazzle no matter where you are!


Our range of cufflinks come in pairs featuring Crystal Clear, Black Star and Titanium centres. We also stock cufflinks in Mother of Pearl. Cufflinks retail at $25 pair.

Tuxedo Stud Sets

Perfect for tuxedo and men’s Ballroom and Tail suits. Stud Sets compirse of 2 cufflinks and 4 shirt studs. Available in Crystal Clear, Black Star and Jet Black as well as Mother of Pearl. Our Tuxedo Stud Sets will make any man stand out in a crowd with sytle and sophistication. Take a look at our collar studs and stud pullers to complete the look. Tuxedo sets retail at $49.

Collar Studs

We stock traditional collar studs with swivel heads, used to conect collars and shirt neckbands – essential for all traditional formal tuxedo wear as well as Ballroom and New Vogue dancers. Collar studs come in pairs – a short stud which goes at the back of the collar and a long stud which goes at the front and connects everything together. Our collar studs are premium quality, imported from and made in England. Collar Studs retail at $10 pair.

Stud Puller

Anybody who has used collar studs knows it can be tricky to coordiate front and back studs and often your fingers get in the way! We have the perfect solution with the use of a handy little Stud Puller tool. Based on British Victorian design, our stud puller will take all the hassle out of connecting collar, neckband and studs. Simply slip the stud puller through the neckband and collar and pull the short stud through for easy connection. Made from strong plastic that can bend to help you with one of those troublesome jobs. Premium quality and imported from England. Stud Pullers retail at $15 each.

Tie Pins

Tie Pins are fantastic for keeping neck ties in place and are a great way to keep younger boys fidding with there ties! Available in silver with Crystal Clear, Jet Black and Saphhire Blue crystal accents. Tie Pins retail at $15 each.
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